Value & Vision statement


ESports has been ground to some of the biggest controversies in recent online history. Denial eSports not paying their players, Echo Fox vanishing from the landscape, scam orgs & many false promises. We do not want that, none of that. These controversies and disputes have not only hurt the involved persons and companies but the scene as a whole. our goal first and foremost is to help propel the Esports scene by introducing more professionalism and integrity. This means that we will always communicate - be transparent and clear to our players and staff. Not only where we succeed but also in our defeats & mistakes. Because we believe that without open communication there can't be trust and without trust there can't be integrity.


We want to give everyone a chance to do what they love, this idea grew our organization and brought us to where we are. With everything going on in the world we understand how toxic the community can be, for us - your background and orientation will never be a focus before skill and teamwork. Your performance and attitude in game is what matters above all else. With a goal to provide a healthy and professional environment for everyone. Our values affect all our decisions and moves. We want our focus to not only be our personal goals and feats, but also make it a responsibility for us to try and help propel Esports as an industry all together. Hopefully making everything and everyone more comfortable and successful. We think Esports is ready to be viewed and valued as the passionate and high profile industry it is!


Passion. We believe that if you don't have passion in a project or game, you won't succeed in it. So our goal is to put our passion into everything we do. We view our work at Ice Force eSports not as a work but as a mission. The mission to advance eSports and improve the industry as a whole. And all of our staff members and players stand behind that, together we put all our dedication behind that vision every day. This means that in every project or team development phase the tasks are split in a way that everyone loves what they do. Because if you do something with your heart you do it as good as you can, and that's what we are looking for, the best of the best!