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Apex Legends Genesis

On June 24th, a new Apex Legends event was announced. It harkens back to the game’s past, embracing this season’s theme of legacy. Apex Legends Genesis Collection will be going live on June 29th and will last until July 13th. In place of their modern incarnations, King’s Canyon from Season 0 and World’s Edge from Season 3 will be on hourly rotation for duos and trios throughout the event. In addition, Skull Town will be added as a map to the Arenas lineup, which was a part of King’s Canyon until it was destroyed in Season 5. The Genesis event also brings 24 exclusive cosmetics, as well as a special reward track sporting additional goodies. Revenant now has an heirloom, a mechanized scythe that will be sure to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. 

Genesis will also bring a slew of balance changes with it, to many Legends and weapons alike. Octane’s jump pad now has an extra 30 seconds added to its cooldown, meaning he can only use his jump pad every 90 seconds. Revenant has a smaller hitbox, can climb nigh-indefinitely with his passive ability, and the duration of his silence and totem have both been lowered by 5 seconds. Lifeline’s hitbox has been increased, and Wattson can now place more than one Nessie around the map. Bloodhound’s scan now only reveals enemies for 3 seconds instead of 4, and Beast of the Hunt only lasts for 30 seconds, not 35. Along with several bug fixes, a buff to the longbow, P2020 and the 30-30 repeater, and a nerf to the spitfire, the Genesis event is sure to make waves in Season 9.