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Interview with Arctic: Recap of the RCADIA Siege Champions LAN

In this interview, we speak with Arctic, the analyst for our Rainbow Six Siege team, about the team's preparation and performance at the RCADIA Siege Champions.

Q: Can you describe the team's preparation and strategy heading into the RCADIA Siege Champions?
A: Our preparation was mostly playing scrims and fortifying our own play style on different maps.

Q: How did the team perform during the group stage and leading up to the quarterfinals?
A: Group stage was fine except the game vs toxic monkeys, we had to get comfortable on the new hardware and the new setting with playing on LAN.

Q: Can you discuss any specific challenges or obstacles the team faced during the event?
A: With one of our players getting sick and the overall exhaustion after playing for that long we really struggled playing versus the Playing Ducks which resulted in a loss.

Q: How did the team adjust to playing on LAN versus online?
A: Playing on LAN was a new experience for most of the team since we couldn't rely on sound. Also the hit registration and timing of the frag grenades seemed a little off.

Q: Can you provide any insight into the team's mindset or morale following the quarterfinal loss?
A: Of course we weren't too happy about losing in the quarterfinal but we are looking towards the GSA relegation and all our focus is shifted towards that goal.

Q: How did the team analyze and debrief following the event?
A: We looked into our own mistakes and are trying to fix them. We also have to work on our stamina because after 8 hours of playing we couldn't concentrate much more and did a lot of sloppy plays.

Q: How did the team's performance at this LAN event compare to previous events or expectations?
A: Of course our expectations are aimed much higher going into that sort of events, with 2 of our players also winning the last RCADIA Siege Champions Winter Edition. Next time we'll be prepared to take on any opponent.

Q: Can you provide any specific examples of strong individual or team performances during the event?
A: Malo was playing exceptionally well even tho this was his first LAN, we are very proud of him that the nervousness didnt affect his performance too much.

Q: How do you plan to use this experience to help the team prepare and perform better in future LAN events?
A: Especially our younger players have to experience something like a LAN for the first time, they will be growing from that experience and usually the whole team profits due to bonding and upping the team chemistry.

Thank you to Arctic for taking the time to speak with us about the team's preparation and performance at the RCADIA Siege Champions. We look forward to seeing the team's continued growth and success in future LAN events.