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Year Review 2020

As for everyone, 2020 was a difficult year for us. Our ambitions of making it to a LAN were shattered by the COVID-19 Pandemic, but we took on that challenge and made it through this year with as we think great success and a lot of great memories. Now we want to take a look back on this year with you:

We started off great in January with the signage of our first Apex Legends Roster to compete in the ALGS, this roster developed a lot over this year but the goal of reaching the Global Series Finals stayed the same. Shortly after the first real success, our newly formed Rainbow Six Roster won the maximus league new year's tournament against Team Boosted. A few days after that the Play off phase of the Ice Force Winter Cup began, after 4 intense months of matches four teams secured play off places: Team Broke, Störm eSports, Los Muertos and our own IFE Team. In the end we managed to secure a solid second place in a bone chilling final vs. Los Muertos who took the win. Störm scored third and Team Broke fourth. Overall a very successful and exciting tournament. One week later our new logo was unveiled, the blue lynx, yes it’s a lynx not a tiger… After this big announcement the next big announcement followed quickly, together with Tactical Banditry we formed the GLO, a tournament hosting platform. Sadly through overambitious goals it never started off the way it should and we decided to close it down for the better a month later. At this time COVID had hit the whole world at full impact and everyone was in lockdown. We took this as a chance and started to use everyone’s time on hand to realign our goals and think of our future goals. With that came new staff and some old ties were cut. When we were sure where to head we decided that it was time for the next big move: Our own store with custom apparel. In may we unveiled our 2020 Jerseys and Merchandise. We were stunned by all the positive feedback we got from you guys on our merchandise and thank everyone who bought a piece. While this was going on in the background we also further broadened our line up with a new Rainbow Six team and Zhrasher as a Hearthstone player for IFE. The later instantly brought in great successes not only the FouFou Cup but also the SKGaming Tournament Series. In June we then hosted the fourth iteration of our Overwatch Community Tournament Series which was won by Predicted Sixth in an exiting final vs. Team Instinct. But not only were our home hosted tournaments a success, our Rainbow Six Team also found success in other tournaments and won the first and second season of R6Platinum. This Success streak was followed by some sad news as Sooi left our Apex Legends Roster after seven months upon own will. Despite this Sooi to this date works with IFE as a featured content creator and is still a part of the family. Following this we picked up the former Huecco Mundo / Tormatic Gaming roster and added a high tier Overwatch team to our lineup. The next great addition was in the form of D3mize who closed a three year content creator deal with us after transitioning from our Competitive Apex Legends roster. After a number of Wins in the GLL Community Cup from our Apex Team and great Result in the Northspawn Tournament Series from our Overwatch team we dropped our second wave of merchandise which was received even better than the first, featuring custom hoodies and jackets as well as a number of other items. With the signing of G7Dank as Apex player and ReesWillz as Content Creator we close the year and are now looking forward to 2020. Our final lineup for 2020 feature our European Overwatch team, our Swedish Overwatch team and our North American Apex Legends Roster as well as all the amazing content creators and streamers who represent Ice Force eSports. 

But without you, the community, our fans and the engaged staff we work with this wouldn’t be possible:
Thank you!
Let’s all hope for a better 2021 and as always