Discover the driving force behind our success as we introduce you to our esteemed sponsors. Our partnerships with these industry leaders enable us to provide world-class gaming experiences to our community. Learn more about our sponsors and how they support our vision for the future of competitive gaming.

Our mission is to sustainably strengthen your business. With all the powerful means at our disposal - and here we draw from the full range. As an established 
Duisburg advertising agency we remember our roots and offer you our best from over 70 years of full service experience.

Our creative team works across divisions to ensure that all the cogs mesh optimally and gets to the heart of even the most challenging issues. Because we are used to complicated things. We have industry knowledge. And as experts in B2B communication, we are able to empathize with special target groups.

Our way of working is open and honest, and we are there for our customers with heart and mind. As is customary in our home region, the Ruhr area. We also like to explore new territory off the beaten track. In everything we do, we keep our eyes firmly on the goal: The optimal solution for your concern. So that you can concentrate on the essentials - your business.

We are based in the Ruhr region, right in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia. Our advertising agency has its roots in Duisburg, the capital of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. From here, we operate nationally and internationally for our customers and benefit from the excellent infrastructure of a true economic power: The Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, with around 10 million inhabitants, is one of the five largest metropolitan regions in Europe and is located in the middle of the central European economic area, the so-called Blue Banana.

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