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Interview with Lifey, CEO of Ice Force

Ice Force was created in 2018, and officially made a company one year later in 2019. Our founder and CEO, Lifey, began as a member of his school’s eSports team, “Albrechts’ Recruits.” They played Overwatch competitively, and Lifey played Reaper and Junkrat but later switched to Ana and Lucio, settling into the support role. Eventually, Lifey realized that he wanted to take his team to the next level and created Ice Force eSports. He says that running the organization has been great fun, especially since he gets to work with people from all kinds of different professions and backgrounds. Currently, he is focusing on improving and readying IFE’s teams for when the summer break ends, and looks forward to the ALGS Autumn Circuit, as well as many other events Ice Force has planned for the future.